Responsible investing

Responsible investing, an integral part of NN Investment Partners’ business since the turn of the millennium, reflects an investment approach that goes beyond specific concerns about environmental and social sustainability. It is an embodiment of our values concerning active and responsible shareholdership. This set of values is a long-term view that we put to work to benefit our clients and society at large.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues are important intangible value drivers and a key factor in the identification of corporate and management quality. We believe that companies that maintain high standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility tend to deliver long-term shareholder value over time.

Our approach to responsible investing is built on 4 pillars: active ownership, thorough ESG integration in our bottom-up investment process, a limited set of companywide exclusions and specialised sustainable products.

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Insights and reports

As a responsible investor, we put a high priority on ESG factors in our investment analyses. We aim to start a substantive dialogue about ESG. To facilitate the exchange of ideas, we provide some topical articles that highlight current discussions about responsible investing and that underscore NN Investment Partners’ position in that debate.

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Corporate governance

Many companies are paying more attention to the subject of good corporate governance. NN Investment Partners (‘NN IP’) is convinced that companies that pay sufficient attention to good corporate governance perform better in the long term. We feel it is our responsibility to encourage good corporate governance among the companies that we invest in on behalf of our clients.

One of the ways to achieve this is by making effective use of the voting rights that are linked to the shares held. When casting our votes during a shareholders’ meeting, we act strictly in the interest of our clients. Apart from exercising our voting right, we also actively enter into dialogue with the companies in which we invest on behalf of our clients.

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Tailored solutions

NN Investment Partners is meeting the growing demand for products that generate good financial returns, alongside care for society and the environment, through specialised funds and mandates. Assets under management in all our sustainable products have grown to EUR 5 billion by year-end 2016.

  • Global Equity Impact Opportunities

    • Achieve social, environmental and financial returns in one investment product
    • Benefit from one of the most experienced sustainable investing organizations in the industry
    • Benefit from the advantages of impact investing via listed equities: liquidity, scale & transparency
  • Global Sustainable Equity

    • Proven strategy with successful track record
    • Experienced and stable investment team
    • Distinct sustainable investment process with a tilt toward quality companies
  • Euro Green Bond

    • Investments with a direct and measurable impact on the environment
    • Independent assessment of adherence to the Green Bond Principles
    • Exclusionary issuer screening on environmental criteria
  • Euro Sustainable Credit (excluding Financials)

    • Strategy excludes companies that do not score sufficiently on ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance)
    • Strategy has a low exposure to financials
    • Experienced portfolio management team
  • Balanced European Sustainable

    • An all-in-one solution aiming to grow your wealth responsibly at no financial compromise
    • Approach based on our believe that ESG can be an additional source of return
    • Leveraging our over 15 years of experience in responsible investing
  • European Sustainable Equity

    • Proven strategy with successful track record
    • Experienced and stable investment team
    • Distinct sustainable investment process with a tilt toward quality companies

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Endorsements and advocacy

By endorsing and being actively involved in international initiatives, NN Investment Partners underlines its ambition and approach to responsible investing. Examples include:

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NN in society

NN Group is a significant investor in a large number of countries, industries and companies. We take our responsibility as a capital provider seriously.

This means we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment process. A responsible approach to investment helps us to meet our commitments to policyholders and other customers.

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