Invest with NN Funds

NN Investment Partners Business Platform

NN Investment Partners C.R., a.s. offers sale of NN Funds by means of its own business platform “NNinvestor”. Customers may utilise the professional services of Financial planning consultants at NN Životní pojišťovna.

Why invest in NN Investment Partners

You can invest into 56 classes of NN Funds on the basis of one contract

  • Our offer will satisfy both less experienced and the most demanding of customers
  • We offer bond, mixed, or equity (local, global and sector) funds
  • Choose the currency you wish to invest in (CZK, EUR, USD, JPY)
  • 19 CZK mutual fund classes
  • 36 equity fund classes administered in foreign currencies
  • Initial investment in CZK Funds from CZK 500 (regularly or as a lump sum)
  • The minimum investments into fund share classes in other currencies are: EUR 1,000, USD 1,000 or JPY 125,000

No paper instructions

  • Instructions to purchase are submitted simply by transferring money to the relevant fund’s collection account
  • When submitting a payment order the customer gives the number of his undisclosed mandate contract as the variable symbol
  • Instructions for Transfer between funds/Sale are simple to submit in the NNinvestor application

Simple and clear fee structure

  • The customer always knows what he pays for – the tariff list is clear, well-arranged and does not favour one class of assets over another
  • The entrance fee is the same for all funds, with the exception of the NN (L) International Czech Money Market fund, which has no entry fee

NNinvestor – application for customers

  • Allows you to monitor portfolio situation and development
  • The customer has information about his instructions/transactions
  • Simple administration of personal data and cash accounts for settlement of transactions
  • The customer can transfer his investments from fund to fund or sell them at any time

Professional services

The Financial planning consultant:

  • will conclude an undisclosed mandate contract
    with you, as a result of which you will be able to invest into all NN
    Funds offered in the Czech Republic
  • will explain the basic principles of investment and specialist terminology
  • will introduce you to the application for customers - NNinvestor
  • will inform you how to implement instructions
  • provides information about development of the financial markets
  • understands the investment strategies of NN Funds

Customer line:

  • call 840 888 228 to contact operators who are available to answer your inquiries every working day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Do you wish to invest with us?

  1. Contact the Financial planning consultant
  2. Conclude an undisclosed mandate contract
  3. Choose from the offer of NN funds
  4. Transfer your money to the account of the selected fund…
  5. …and invest!

Do you wish to transfer your NN Funds to us?

  1. Contact the Financial planning consultant
  2. Conclude an undisclosed mandate contract
  3. Simultaneously (or at a later date) fill in the “Form for transfer between distributors” form with the consultant
  4. You will see your funds in the NNinvestor client application following the transfer