NN (L) First Class Multi Asset fund breaks EUR 1 billion AuM barrier


The NN (L) First Class Multi Asset fund (FCMA) of NN Investment Partners (NN IP) recently surpassed EUR 1 billion in assets under management. The fund employs a globally diversified strategy that targets long-term capital growth and actively responds to changing market conditions. It offers an all-in-one multi-asset solution with a risk-aware strategy that aims to avoid negative surprises.

FCMA was launched in October 2011 by our multi-asset team, now led by Ewout van Schaick. At the time of launch, the fund had AUM of EUR 475 million; since then, it has enjoyed many successes and has more than doubled in size to reach the EUR 1 billion mark. It has also expanded to welcome a diversified pool of clients with inflows from around the globe.

Multi-asset solutions benefit from increased flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, making them attractive for investors in times of market instability. FCMA has demonstrated its capabilities in multiple periods of market stress, weathering tough conditions such as the sovereign debt crisis and oil price fluctuations. Even in months in which global equities printed very negative results, the fund avoided large outliers on the downside. With its consistent focus on risk-aware investing, FCMA is strongly positioned to help investors achieve their financial goals.

Niels de Visser, Senior Portfolio Manager at NN Investment Partners: “With its flexible approach, FCMA aims to benefit from any market environment. With so many themes such as Brexit, trade war, Italy and central banks pushing the markets this is exactly what we need to offer stable returns to our clients.”

“We are thrilled to see FCMA attain the coveted EUR 1 billion mark in AuM. However, we believe that this positive investment story is not over yet. Given our upbeat base-case outlook for global economic growth, we are excited to take FCMA to aim for other highs in the coming years.”

NN (L) First Class Multi Asset is a sub-fund of NN (L) SICAV , established in Luxembourg. NN (L) SICAV is duly authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg. Selected share classes of the sub-fund are currently registered in Luxembourg, Czech-Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, South Korea, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Chili, United Kingdom, Romania, Taiwan.

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