NN Investment Partners’ successful history of client-focused asset management dates back to 1845 and reflects its dual roots as both insurer and bank. Clients draw upon more than four decades’ experience in managing pension fund assets in the Netherlands, one of the world’s most sophisticated pension markets.

Putting ‘Investment Partners’ in the company’s name underscores a belief that by partnering with clients and working side by side with them, NN Investment Partners can provide attractive and relevant solutions that meet their needs. NN Investment Partners is committed to providing the expertise and resources necessary to meet or exceed the investment objectives set with and on behalf of all clients.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

Institutional investors

Institutional investors operate in a complex, dynamic environment. NN IP builds long-term relationships with its institutional clients, whether they are pension funds, insurers or non-profit organisations, and creates solutions that help them reach their specific investment goals.

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Banks, investment platforms and other financial advisors need a complete set of tools and comprehensive expertise to serve their clients effectively. NN IP builds strategic partnerships with advisors, providing them with a full range of financial products and access to its specialized knowledge.

Private investors

Financial fitness, now and in the future, is a major goal for private investors. NN IP offers the solutions that enable them to realise their aspirations and to be ready for life’s approaching milestones.