Fixed Income

Fixed Income

Within Fixed Income, NN Investment Partners offers a broad range of strategies, ranging from developed markets to emerging markets:

  • Single Fixed Income Strategies
  • Multi Credit Strategies
  • Absolute/Total Return Strategies

The dedicated teams have clear roles and responsibilities and benefit from close cooperation and cross-border presence.

Why NN Investment Partners for Fixed Income?


  • A deeply embedded Fixed Income culture
  • Dedicated portfolio managers and analysts per fixed income class
  • Close cooperation between the Fixed Income teams
  • High average experience level of the investment teams


  • Active management style in order to generate excess returns
  • Identify unrecognised investment opportunities ahead of consensus


  • Disciplined investment process built on multiple alpha sources
  • Proprietary fundamental research models tools
  • State of the art portfolio analytics and risk management infrastructure


  • Strong results versus benchmarks and peers
  • Public recognition by receiving many awards and high ratings

The team

NN IP’s Fixed Income boutiques have experienced portfolio management teams, consisting of portfolio managers, analysts and strategists. These teams have a global presence with locations in The Hague, New York, London and Singapore.