Every company has its strengths. Ours are in active management, income generation and sustainable investments. Our investment style is based on recognising opportunities ahead of consensus and delivering value to our clients in a transparent, risk-controlled manner.

NN Investment Partners created its entrepreneurial and innovative culture with clear accountabilities by choosing an investment-led multi-team structure. Based on specialist skills, this set-up combines human creativity in a diverse group of specialists with the rigours of machinery to achieve investment excellence for our clients.

The Management Team Investments provides resources to the investment teams as well as strategic and managerial support when necessary. It oversees the strategies and funds managed by NN IP’s investment teams with regard to:

  • Client interest
  • Team
  • Diversity of thought
  • Investment philosophy and processes
  • Portfolio performance
  • Risk characteristics and control
  • Responsible investing

Each dedicated investment team is accountable for its investment processes, investment decisions and performance.