Legal Information

MiFID - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

On 1 November 2007. the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, or "MiFID", comes into force. MiFID aims to harmonise European financial markets and to provide greater levels of transparency through a new regulatory regime for investment services. NN Investment Partners supports the goals of MiFID and has always considered integrity and transparency to be the basis of any long-term client relationship. NN Investment Partners is committed to implementing the required changes so that its customers will benefit from the opportunities MiFID has to offer.

Execution of orders

MiFID introduces new requirements concerning the execution of orders. NN Investment Partners has a duty to take all reasonable steps to ensure that, when executing transactions directly with other parties (a broker or counterparty), it obtains the best possible result for its client. Similarly, in the event of placing or transmitting orders with a broker for execution, NN Investment Partners has a duty to take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result. For the transposition of these duties, NN Investment Partners deems the interests of clients best served with a transparent view on the selection of and allocation to brokers when executing orders in financial instruments. The attached information package contains information on the NN Investment Partners Best Execution Policy.

Conflicts of Interest

NN Investment Partners conducts business in a way which is fair and professional in accordance with your best interests as our Customer. One of the ways NN Investment Partners does this is to have policies in place to manage conflicts of interest that may arise through our business activities. Under MiFID, NN Investment Partners is required to maintain and operate effective organisational and administrative arrangements with a view to taking all reasonable steps to identify, monitor and manage such conflicts of interest. To help achieve this, our NN Investment Partners Europe offices have policies in place addressing Conflicts of Interest. Attached policy provides you at a high level with the key information that you will need in order to understand the nature of the measures NN Investment Partners is taking to safeguard your interests.