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Emerging Markets Debt (EMD) has become an investment success story in the past two decades. Growth in the world’s developing regions have outpaced the rest of the world, offering an ever-growing variety of opportunities for fixed income investors. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated that EM growth will be almost 3 percentage points higher than in developed markets. EM already generates more than half of global GDP, and by 2020 the share is expected to be more than 60%. In short, the asset class has developed and diversified significantly over time and this trend is likely to continue.

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EMD offers opportunities for investors

The success story continues. Investors should find it reassuring that economic improvements over the last few decades have transformed the credit fundamentals in emerging markets and substantially reduced the risks for them.

But even though emerging markets have superior economic growth and an increasing share of the global economy, institutional investors’ allocations to emerging markets and EMD do not reflect the incredible potential in the asset class. This means there are opportunities for experienced active investors. The time is right for asset allocators to revisit emerging markets.

Long and successful track record

Our heritage in EMD investing and our commitment to the asset class has paid off in proven skills, as evidenced in our outperformance across the full EMD spectrum and across all time horizons. We have been at the forefront of product development and have consistently generated attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients. Our history started a quarter of a century ago with hard currency sovereign debt. Since then it has evolved to include all types of EMD strategies and funds.

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Our approach, building on 25 years of EMD experience

NN Investment Partners believe that rigorous disciplined research can uncover mispricing in emerging markets, which are less efficient than developed markets. We use primary research and get closer to issuers to get to know them better. We believe in diversification discipline as this offers the best risk/reward trade-off.

  • Medium-term focus to identify improving trends
  • Proprietary, fundamental research
  • Structured, repeatable investment processes
  • Rigourous diversification and research discipline
  • Full market coverage to get closer to issuers
  • Regional investment centres in The Netherlands, New York, and Singapore
  • Access to market liquidity in London, New York and Asian time zones

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Growth in the world’s developing regions have outpaced the rest of the world, offering an ever-growing variety of opportunities for fixed income investors

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Maureen Schlejen

Maureen Schlejen

Head of Institutional Relations NL & Global Client Services
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Marcelo Assalin

Head of Emerging Markets Debt

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