• Solutions designed to help our clients reach their investment objectives where risk is managed as closely as returns
  • Asset allocation is the main driver of risk and return
  • Cutting edge asset allocation process combining fundamental and behavioral research
  • Delivered by a well-resourced and experienced team

The world we currently live in is more dynamic and complex than ever. In such an environment it is crucial to display a flexible mind-set and an ability to act with conviction when required. We believe that continuous learning and the ability to adapt to the evolving financial landscape is key  to decision making, especially in a multi-asset context. Most investors do not have the time, nor the resources, to dedicate the necessary research efforts. At NN IP we have a highly qualified, well sourced, experienced and award-winning  team to help you navigate this dynamic and complex  environment in order to meet your specific investment objectives.  

Multi-Asset Solution

Looking for multi-asset solutions, you will come across a lot of different terms and definitions. At NN IP we distinguish between two types:

Benchmark Oriented
A more traditional approach aiming to outperform a standardized or custom designed composite benchmark

Outcome Oriented
An approach that is benchmark unaware and aims for a certain outcome like income, a return goal or even multiple objectives

View Generation - the core of all our Multi-Asset Solutions

We consider global markets as a complex, adaptive and ever changing system. A network where constant, mutual interaction and feedback loops take place amongst the various individual components and where  the eventual outcome that emerges is highly uncertain. To manage this uncertainty, and make the best investment decisions, adaptiveness, innovation, experience and open-minded team thinking are crucial. These are the key drivers behind our proven, cutting edge view generation process that all of our solutions and clients benefit from.

Experience and recources matters

In general 80% of a portfolio’s risk and return stems from allocation with only 20% from security selection. Acknowledging this reality drives us to continuously invest in our award-winning  team to deliver the best results for our clients. The breadth and depth of our team enhances our decision making and enables us to continuously explore and innovate in our view generation process. This allows us to adapt to the new realities in a changing environment,  to ‘survive’ and stay ahead in the game.

Meet the Team
Ewout van Schaick

Ewout van Schaick

Head of Multi-Asset

Experience since 1997

Leroy Tujeehut

Leroy Tujeehut

Head of Diversified Income

Experience since 2002

Patrick Moonen

Patrick Moonen

Principal Strategist

Experience since 1989