Alternative credit: more than returns

Alternative credit is a dynamic and evolving asset class, which has already become the cornerstone of investments in many institutional portfolios. However, navigating and comparing the benefits of individual asset classes and investment strategies remains a challenge. The European lending landscape has become highly complex, with many players, numerous alliances and partnerships and a wide range of overlapping terminology.

Understanding the Complex Universe of Alternative Credit

We have created a guidebook to provide independent insight for industry professionals into the attractiveness and risks of investing in alternative credit as an asset class.

The guidebook covers the following aspects:

  • Key trends and developments in alternative credit;
  • Characteristics, risks, returns and trends;   
  • Unique Return-Liquidity-Complexity framework;  
  • Key pitfalls in investment considerations;
  • Insights on alternative credit in portfolio context; 
  • Alternative credit in matching portfolio context.

The guidebook is the result of the combined efforts of the members of the Alternative Credit and Investment Solutions Teams at NN Investment Partners

Paul van Eynde Managing Director Head of Global Key Account

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