NN Investment Partners makes a clear distinction between Proprietary and Client Assets, and that also applies to exercising voting rights.

Proprietary Assets

The voting policy for Proprietary Assets is based on the NN Group’s Global Voting Policy. We act in the best interests of NN Group when we cast votes relating to NN Group’s Proprietary Assets and have a separate Proxy Voting Committee for Proprietary Assets. As a result, we may vote differently on a single issue for Proprietary Assets and for Client Assets respectively.

Client Assets

Client Assets are those which belong to you as an individual or institutional investor, and which are managed via one of our Dutch Master Funds. We have installed a Proxy Voting Committee for Client Assets that operates solely in the best interests of our clients. NN Investment Partners has drawn up its own, more detailed voting policy for best serving your interests as a client while complying with the relevant regulations and standards. We manage these voting rights on your behalf with the same level of care, professionalism and prudence as we manage your shares.

As of 2007, our Voting Policy on Client Assets in mutual funds has been extended to coincide with the guidelines of the International Corporate Governance Network. For the full text please click on the related link.

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