Our heritage

Our heritage - De Nederlanden and De Nationale

NN Investment Partners is the asset manager of NN Group, a Dutch financial corporation listed on Euronext Amsterdam. We are an investment company with a global view, a keen eye for new opportunities and a proven track record of putting clients first. Although financial markets are complex, our main focus is simple: partnering with our clients to achieve their financial targets.
With the Netherlands as our main investment hub, we offer our products and services through regional centres in countries across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Our successful history of client-focused asset management extends back to 1845 and reflects our roots as a Dutch insurer and bank.

  • In 1932 two leading Dutch insurers – De Nederlanden (founded in 1845) and De Nationale (1863) – entered into an alliance, ultimately resulting in a merger three decades later. Nationale Nederlanden (NN) was born and adopted its now-familiar ‘N’ logo.
  • By the end of the 1980s Nationale Nederlanden was one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands, having an extensive international presence and the ambition to offer a complete spectrum of financial services.
  • To fulfil that ambition, the firm joined forces with NMB Postbank in 1991, giving birth to Internationale Nederlanden Groep, better known today as ING.
  • ING Investment Management, the predecessor of NN Investment Partners, was created in 1994 as the asset manager for both the bank and the insurance company. Within ten years we had grown to be one of the world’s leading asset managers.
  • During the 2008 credit crisis, ING sought financial support from the Dutch government. As a result the company was required to divest its insurance and asset management divisions. NN Group, the combination of the two divisions, was listed on Euronext Amsterdam in 2014, bringing asset management, banking and insurance under one roof.
  • In 2015 the asset management activities were rebranded as NN Investment Partners (NN IP), highlighting one of the most important aspects of our DNA: partnership.

We see change as an opportunity

We see the continuous change of market conditions, shifting client needs and the ever-tightening of regulations as opportunities to deliver value. NN IP embraces new insights and innovations to service the constantly evolving demands and needs of our customers. We aim to stay at the forefront of the asset management business, just as we have done since our early days:

  • Spotting market demand for income, the company launched its first High Dividend strategy in 1991.
  • In 1993, we became one of the first asset managers to launch a dedicated Emerging Market Debt strategy.
  • As one of the first signatories to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing, we introduced the Global Sustainable Equity fund in 2000 and the European Sustainable Equity strategy in 2005. In 2016 we broadened our sustainable offering with the launch of a cutting-edge impact investing strategy.
  • NN IP has consistently looked to share its extensive home market pensions expertise (the Netherlands is one of the most sophisticated pension markets in the world) with our clients in countries and regions such as Japan and Latin America.
  • As the world continued to change and people took increasing responsibility for their own financial future, NN IP further developed its offering by launching funds specifically tailored to the retail consumer and pension market.
  • At the same time, we steadily grew our distribution reach through some of the world’s largest retail and private banks and, more recently, through NN IP's own direct distribution platforms, such as FitVermogen.nl . This online investment platform offers need-based, low-cost solutions for retail and corporate clients.

Our commitment to partnership

Three core values are at the base of our expertise and extensive experience in asset management: care, clear, commit. We care for people and the world we live in. We communicate proactively and honestly in clear language. We are committed to act with integrity and do business with the future in mind.

NN IP cooperates closely with private individuals, pension funds, insurers, family offices, independent financial advisers and banks to achieve their financial goals. Our clients expect, and rightly so, the best service we can provide them. We strongly believe that we can do so by engaging in continuous dialogue, being a true partner for our clients and making their challenges our challenges. NN IP is committed to close cooperation, co-development and alignment of our interests with all stakeholders. We therefore provide a wide range of products and solutions, including:

  • A broad array of fixed income, equity, real asset and multi-asset capabilities;
  • Customized solutions tailored to specific client needs (including localized mutual funds and segregated accounts);
  • Tailored insurance strategies and pension solutions for both individuals and companies such as ‘Mijn Pensioen’ and ‘Essentie Pensioen’;
  • Fiduciary services and balance sheet management;
  • Manager selection, portfolio construction and monitoring through its subsidiary Altis;
  • Direct execution solutions for private investors such as FitVermogen.nl in the Netherlands and similar platforms in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Being a partner means different things to different people. Some look for deep economic insight; others want simplicity in the complex world of finance. NN IP helps to educate and empower: demystifying, bringing clarity, providing fit-for-purpose solutions, and commits to being a partner over the long term.